Album Review: Shadowed by Vultures by Polar.

Polar, a hardcore band from Guildford, released their second album Shadowed by Vultures earlier this year on the 10th February. After teasing fans with a single and video release of the song Glass Cutter and a video to accompany the song Mountain Throne, two incredibly catchy yet relentless songs that force head banging on the listener, the band revealed the album to the world.

The album is incredibly well put together with each song seamlessly blending in with the next with a strong opening with First Breath and Bloodlines setting the stage for what is to come but what was to come? I’ll tell you six songs that pound out memorable guitar riffs and easy to learn lyrics. Half way through the band throw a slow lighter raising song into the midst of the deep breakdowns and shouting vocalist, Adam Woodford. Before the Storm will have most listeners swaying to the anthem like strings and drums along with the soothing voice of guest vocalist Ellie Price before plunging back into the urge to thrash and mosh out to the rest of the album. You are also treated to a re recording of the song Create from their previous EP, cheeky lads reducing their work load, however its deeper and heavy sound fits it in with the rest of the album.

Being slightly bias to the fact that Polar are one of my favourite bands and coming from down the road from my hometown I would have given the album a full 10/10, but I am giving the album an 9/10. Its unformulated hardcore sound, immersive guitar riffs, punchy drumming and pure catchiness is enough to show people what to look forward to from an up and coming band from the UK’s hardcore scene.




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