My Top Ten Covers (Part 1)

It’s amazing what metal/hardcore/punk can do to a soulless pop songs or timeless classic. This is my top 10 heavy covers. (This is my own opinion; please take that into consideration before slating the artist featured in the list)

10 – Since You Been Gone by A Day To Remember:

This band takes me back to my childhood transition between loving pop-punk and hardcore music. Originally by the pop-rock star Kelly Clarkson, A Day To Remember’s cover has a simple guitar riff that chugs its way through the verse into the catchy chorus all the way to the surprise screaming half of the 2nd verse before sending the listeners back into the pop-punk influenced chorus. It is a great cover to show off the bands ease at mixing the two genres together.

9 –Never Gonna Give You Up by Arbiter

If this cover had been used instead of theoriginal Rick Astley song in Rick Rolling I would have been a much happier man. The cover sees Arbiter transformer the ridiculously cheesy, yet catchy, 80s song into a deathcore anthem filled with heavy breakdowns, blast beat drumming and guitar solo that out match its source material which will have you head banging to the very end.

8 –Champagne Showers by Skip The Foreplay

Electronic influenced metalcore band Skip The Foreplay take the LMFAO song to a new height with this song. They have added their very own style with heavy guitar riffs placed alongside the contagious dance beats that make this cover stand out from other metalcore covers. It also features a well infused dupstep style breakdown and guitar solo that shows off the bands musical influences as well as their talent for mixing genres that are not normally associated.

7 –Diamonds by Any Given Day

Take one under dressed lady, an appealing lyrical theme and add repetitive music and you get a pop hit. However Any Given Day’s cover of this Rihanna excels at bringing out its full potential. The acoustic and clean sung intro is hammered home by the neck wrenching guitar chugs and deep screaming vocals of the verse before being knocked out the park by a melodic chorus that work together to show off some of metalcore’s traits at their finest.

6 –Take On Me by Northern Kings

It was impossible to have a heavy music top 10 covers without featuring this Finish power metal super group. Wonderfully symphonic backing music, classic guitar riffs turn a-ha’s hit into a sweeping music epic that is blown away by the four operatic vocalist that range from high to low pitches. This cover is one of the most beautiful examples of how talented some power and symphonic metal bands are.

So who wants to find out my top 5? I’ll be publishing numbers five to one next week so keep an eye out for next week’s blog.


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