My Top Ten Covers (Part 2)

Here is the final part of my Top Ten Covers.

5 –Iron Man by Bat Sabbath (Cancer Bats)

I have been a huge fan of Cancer Bats ever since the release of Hail Destroyer back in 2008, so you can imagine my excitement when the decided to create a tribute band to one of my all time favourite bands, Black Sabbath. Inventively called Bat Sabbath the Toronto hardcore punk rockers covered countless Black Sabbath songs from N.I.B to Paranoid, but it is their cover of Ironman which features on this list, as it perfectly shows off the bands heavy sound. The brutal bass of Jaye r Schwarzer, growly voice of Liam Cormier and marching drumming of Mike Peters fits the sound of Black Sabbath’s music whilst making it their own song with the pinching sound of Cancer Bat’s guitarist Scott Middleton.


4 –Ghostbusters by The Veil Between

‘Who ya gonna call?’ If you can’t answer that question you have missed out on a childhood classic film and song. The Veil Between have done a great job changing Ray Parker, Jr.’s 1984 dance-pop classic into a metal song that everyone can sing along to. The band have taken the captivating synthesizer riff and favourite a chugging guitar riff instead that is played over a galloping drumbeat that is nearly impossible not to headbang to. The famous lyrics are growled and screamed out to finish the cover off in style and will have listeners shouting out ‘Ghostbusters!’ in reply.


3 – Wraithchild by Gallows

I am always weary when bands venture out to cover classic metal songs; however when I heard Gallows cover of Wraithchild by Iron Maiden was an instant success in my eyes. Possibly my favourite hardcore punk band reinvented this song with raw aggression and anger fronted by fiery redheaded ex-frontman Frank Carter whose shouted vocals fit the lyrical theme incredibly. The paced is quickened by the removing guitar solos to fit in with the band’s sound instead of imitating Iron Maiden 80’s metal style along with a heavily distorted bass riff and more pedal heavy drumming.


2 –Wolves Of The Sea by Alestorm

Originally a horrible concoction of attempted operatic singing and electro-pop for Latvia’s Pirates Of The Sea entry at Eurovision 2008 but saved by the Seafaring Alestrom. The pirate themed metal band have taken a shipwreck of a song and made it worthy of swashbucklers everywhere. Aside from adding their signature keytar and metal riffs, the band has also added everything missing from the original. This includes pirate accents, amazing guitar and keytar solos along with a steel drum section that builds up to the final chorus that will have any pirate or metalhead reaching for the rum and singing along.

1 –Moonlight Shadow by Deathlike Silence

The original song by Mike Oldfield feature Maggie Reilly is one of my favourite 80s pop-rock songs and Deathlike Silence have done it justice and more. The power metal vocals of the acoustic opening mirrors the haunting voice of Maggie Reilly but quickly becomes a magnificent symphonic ballad backed up by wonderfully simple drumming and a guitar riffs that catches the listener and will not let go of them until the dynamic guitar solos. The band has captured the feeling of the original song and painted over it with their power metal influences making it a song that has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

This list was a tough one to draw up as there are so many good bands out there making incredible covers that show their unique sounds and styles. Here are some honourable mentions that didn’t make my top 10 but are worth listening to:

Mama Mia by Swedish Hitz Goes Metal originally by ABBA

Beat It by Raintime originally by Michael Jackson

Call Me Maybe by Upon This Dawning originally by Carly Rae Jepsen

Symphony of Destruction by Arch Enemy originally by Megadeth

Heaven Is a Place On Earth by ElvenKing originally by Belinda Carlisle

You Give Love A Bad Name by Atreyu originally by Bon Jovi

Eyeless by Bring Me The Horizon originally by Slipknot

Crazy Train by Bullet For My Valentine originally by Ozzy Osbourne

Misery Buisness by Sea of Treachery originally by Paramore

Livin La Vida Loca by Bury Tomorrow originally by Ricky Martin

Niggas In Paris by Hacktivist originally by Jay-Z & Kayne West


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