Single Review: Cease To Exist by Suicide Silence

This is the first Suicide Silence song to feature new vocalist Eddie Hermida and what can I say Cease To Exist is pretty damn good!

It still has that distinct sound from one of the bands credited for bringing deathcore into the limelight, with its heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums of their earlier albums The Cleansing and No Time To Bleed. Even though Mitch’s vocals will be deeply missed by fans, Eddie is an equally fantastic vocalist showing his vast range from high pitch squeals to deep growls. The guitar riffs continue to do what Suicide Silence does best a diverse mix of death metal shredding and hardcore/metalcore chugging, hell there is even a small guitar solo/bridge nicely slotted in.

There is a distinct lack of breakdown within this song favouring a more death metal style but it works and makes the ten second or so breakdown even more effective and will still have you hammering your head back and forth. Some of the lyrics are less catchy than some of the previous material but it is a welcome change in my opinion from the slightly angsty lyrics of You Only Live Once and Fuck Everything from their previous album The Black Crown.

A little more death and a little less core is the best way I can describe this song and who is to say that’s a bad thing, certainly not me. A single that has me on tenterhook waiting for the new album therefore I am giving this song a solid 7/10 a welcome return for Suicide Silence.


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