The Downfall of The Pit

After attending a gig last night I discovered the one thing that is ruining the hardcore scene, opportunistic kids in the pit.

I have always enjoyed a good mosh and occasional two step, I know it makes us look like stropping toddlers, but never have I gone out my way to beat innocent bystanders who are just there to see some bands perform. The amount of these ‘hardcore’ fans that just attend shows to beat on other fans seems to be increasing with the rise in popularity of the genre.

Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the more flaying arm, spin kicking style of dancing. The problem has arisen from fans not having a care for who is around them or even who is involved in the pit. Hardcore music is a brilliant release of stress, among other things, and being close to the band to lash your head back and forth or jumping up and down to its breakdowns is something I personally enjoy doing. I’d enjoy it more if someone fighting invisible ninjas didn’t twat me in the back of the head because they have no awareness of where the pit ends or starts.

It is a sad blog post to be making as I get why people do enjoy hardcore dancing, the music is aggressive therefore the dancing needs to be equally aggressive, but some fans don’t seem to care about each other which is one thing the hardcore scene use to be about, unity as well as spreading a message within the music. I hope that one day the etiquette of the old fashion mosh pit returns instead of the fight club attitude of people looking simply to hurt people at shows.


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