Single Review: Thirst by Every Time I Die

The Buffalo hardcore punks are back with a new song Thirst from the upcoming album From Parts Unknown and it is an absolute belter!

Thirst is chaotic, unruly and aggressive the three things I want to see in an Every Time I Die song. Its short length of about one and half minutes only makes the song that more punchy as it manages to blend all the aspects of the bands styles. There’s the hardcore, the punk and the southern metal that make this band, and song, so iconic and unique. The vocals of Keith Buckley fit perfectly with the fast paced guitars, bass and drums that entice you to mosh around your bedroom in true Every Time I Die style. The head banging heavy breakdown deserves a special mention as the constant bass riff and bridge before it show exactly how a breakdown should be used.

The music video that accompanies the song is also typically humorous of the band. There is pissing off a rooftop, shitting down a chimney as well as wanking in a forest, you know all the necessary stages to prepare yourself for an Every Time I Die gig.

This song is everything I want from the band, a hard hitting mix of hardcore punk and metal. I’m giving Thirst a near perfect 9/10 and suggest everyone to give it a listen. From Parts Unknown should be a riot if every song follows suit!


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