Single Review: Don’t Die by Suicide Silence

After reviewing their previous song, Cease To Exist, I decided that Suicide Silence next release Don’t Die should also get the same treatment. So here it is people.

The songs main guitar rift is quite simplistic for Suicide Silence. A simple chug pattern that does work at getting your head moving but there seems to be an absence of death metal influence, only appearing for small bridges sparsely scattered about the song. Yet, it still carries that signature Suicide Silence sound.The simple guitar chugs are not terrible they just are slightly generic now and could have been spiced up with a few pick slides or even some more dynamic drumming. Eddie’s vocals however ooze death metal. His range from gurgling grunted lows to his piecing highs are incredible in this song. The lyrics are damn catchy, you’ll be screaming ‘we sing these songs so you don’t die’ over and over in your head after a hearing it a few times. The theme on the other hand, maybe someone else’s cup of tea but it is certainly not mine. The band should not have to make an attempt to stopping fans from topping themselves in the form of a song but perhaps there is a different meaning to the song.

I am not sure whether Cease To Exist placed the bar a little high as I expected this song to hit me harder than it did. Don’t get me wrong it is still a good song and that’s why I am giving it a good, solid 6/10 as it still has me wanting to hear more from the band.


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