Single Review: Gravedigger by Architects

Brighton born post-hardcore/metalcore band Architects released their music video for the song Gravedigger early last week. The song is the opening track from their recently awarded Lost Alone // Lost Together which won best album at the Kerrang! Awards 2014 and it is easy to why.

Gravedigger shows off what Architects do best. The intrigue riffs pave the way for the catchy rhythmical breakdowns that bridge the song superbly something that distinguishes them from other more generic bands of the scene whose tabs closely resemble binary code. As for Sam Carter’s vocals, they are spotless. His rough and coarse screams/shouts compliment his clean melodic singing for the chorus showing his development since their debut album Hollow Crown. The drumming incorporates the bands recent use of blast beat from the album Daybreaker which keep the song fast and interesting. When all this is put together it is hard not to throw your body about to the music whilst screaming the lyrics until you render your vocal chords useless.

This song has caused me to revisit my love for this band and their unique music therefore I am giving this song a near perfect 9/10. It is a blast from start to finish and is a great example of what Architects can bring to the British music scene.


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