Interview with Sam Hunter from A Moment Lost

Yesterday I spoke to Sam Hunter vocalist for A Moment Lost, a metalcore band from Kendall, gave me the pleasure of an online interview. Here is what he had to say:

1)      How has social media, such as twitter and facebook, helped you to not only promote yourselves but gigs and venues you play at?

Sam: ‘It has allowed us to communicate with people on not only a one-to-one perspective, but also to everyone who interacts with the page at the same time. Previously, we would have to rely on mostly flyers and word of mouth to promote gigs, but now with the growth of social media, we can use the invite button on events and instantly tell a large volume of people about a gig and ourselves. This goes for promoting our music, merch and more as well.’

2)      In a genre plagued by generic sounds, how do you maintain a unique sound as a band?

Sam: ‘It’s tough * haha*. We’ve seen many bands change their sound so much just to go with what’s in trend at the time. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s where you end up with many bands sounding the same as they are trying to re-create the “in sound” at the time. We however have always stood by the rule that we write music that we enjoy to play, no matter what the current trend is, and I think this is where we get our unique sound from. We also spend a lot of time practicing to make sure we are as tight as we can be, which can be seen from our live shows.’

3)      You are playing Redfest in July, How quick and tough was the leap from local gigs to festival?

Sam: ‘It’s always been something we’ve wanted to do since we started AML 4 years ago. It’s been a fairly tough journey, with many bands wanting to do the same. I think we gained a large following and got the notice of the right promoters for festivals from our run of about 70 shows last year. We played across the whole country as well as a mini tour in Sweden. I think without committing ourselves to playing as many shows as possible, we might not have got the notice of the Redfest promoters.’

4)      In an age of talent shows and fast tracks to fame, how important are local gigs within the metal and rock scene.

Sam: Local gigs, in our eyes, as THE most important part of the metal and rock scene. They create a community and allow any band, no matter how experienced, to showcase their music to an appreciative audience. It’s a great feeling to play in the same place a few times and see familiar faces enjoying your music. In talent shows, there isn’t that same sense of accomplishment in my eyes. I think you need to go through the stages of travelling hours to play a show in somewhere you’ve never been before and to people you don’t know. You get your music heard as well as getting to meet a variety of people and form good friendships with different bands. Local gigs are the foundation of the scene, without them, you probably wouldn’t have any metal or rock bands due it being a less popular form of music that doesn’t get as much exposure on TV & radio like dance, indie and pop music does.’

5)      What is the importance of using the smaller producers to create your music and do they carry any advantages?

Sam: ‘Smaller producers are great! They can give you more of their time than big producers for incredibly good prices while still being able to record, mix & produce music at the same level as the top guys.’

‘They are also open to a lot more. Big producers have their way of doing things, and that’s that. It’s not a negative, but we’ve found the smaller producers will try and work out what will be best for your band to get the best possible outcome. The northwest have some amazing producers, a lot who come from the metal/rock scene, so already know what sound you are looking for. No longer to bands have to do things all DIY and these small producers offer their services for minimal cost (compared to the big guys) to produce an incredible, quality studio sound.’


6)      Finally, for any up and coming bands who may read this, what advice would you give them about getting started

Sam: ‘My advice is to have fun. Make that your number one priority. Along with that, practice as much as you can, and try and play as many gigs as possible, no matter how big or small. You’ll play your songs better and interact with your band mates and more importantly the crowd. Just stick with it and good things will happen.

Don’t worry about what other bands are doing, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing then stick with it. Also, don’t be afraid to chat to other bands at gigs. It might seem daunting, but everyone’s still human and we’ve formed amazing friendships with bands that has lead onto great opportunities, for example, touring in Sweden with our buddies in A Silent Escape.’

Please check out A Moment Lost on Facebook ( and Twitter (@aMomentlost). Also watch the video for their song Bloodlines (, it is a scorcher!


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