Single Review: Wristslitter by Gallows

If you took a peak at My Top 10 Covers post then you will know that Gallows are possibly my favourite hardcore punk band around. Anyway, they streamed their new song Wristslitter on Noisey this weekto make up the b-side of their Chains 7-inch and it is, well, interesting.

The song is not as uncontrollable as their previous material with the guitar and bass riffs being slower and more reserved. Despite a change in pace it is still aggressive and heavy thanks to the distorted guitar and bass alongside the repetitive drums pounding out a simple beat that really gets your head moving. Wades vocals are still punchy with his rough shouts complimenting the downturned tempo of Wristslitter to push the song into the listeners head, repeating the chorus again and again until you give in and listen to the song again.

I must admit I do prefer the more frantic sound of their previous releases, this song and Chains show a more mature and new approach for the band. I am going to give Wristslitter an 8/10 as the song still contains that Gallows feel but has taken the sound into a new area. The band has promised that the frantic music is ‘waiting to rip people’s heads off and shit down their necks on the next record, don’t you worry!’ which, after this song, has me waiting to hear what is in store for us!


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