Album Review: You Can’t Stop Me by Suicide Silence

The previous two singles realised by Suicide Silence, Cease To Exist and Don’t Die, have giving me mixed expectations to the release of their new album You Can’t Stop Me.

The album starts off incredibly powerful with the opening track M.A.L calmly leading the listener into a barrage of strong chugging guitars and bass accompanied by blast beat drumming and the screams of new vocalist Eddie Hermida with the songs Inherit The Crown and Cease To Exist. However this soon loses its impact as the chugs become a little generic and boring in places, Don’t Die in particular, but the later songs are rescued by the exceptional vocals and occasional death metal riff. Maybe it is because they are appealing to a wider audience with their deathcore sound but the album lacks some of the assaulting sounds of The Cleansing and No Time To Bleed. There is a treat in the form of a rerecording of Ending Is The Beginning from the band’s debut EP which shows off the bands potential for a more death metal influenced sound instead of using these little bridges that fill the spaces between respectably generic riffs within the rest of the album.

As a whole the album is well worth a listen or two that is guaranteed to have you bopping your head throughout the entire 12 songs although there is definitely a lack of ‘death’ and an increased amount of ‘core’. You Can’t Stop Me earns a solid 7/10 due to the booming vocals and its reliable head banging, arm failing sound, enough for me to purchase tickets to see them live.


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