Album Review: From Parts Unkown by Every Time I Die

Buffalo hardcore punk metallers Every Time I Die released their surprising seventh studio album earlier this month, that’s right seventh album and boy does From Parts Unkown tear listeners a new one!

This album is ferocious, aggressive and determined from start to finish, smashing out twelve songs in less than thirty minutes. The guitar work of Jordan Buckley and Andrew Williams features the classic Every Time I Die mix of fast paced complex riffs with catchy melodic breakdowns. These riffs are damn near impossible not to bob along to, particularly in the songs The Great Secret, Decayin’ With The Boys and Thirst. Ex-English teacher, the sort of teacher I could only wish for in secondary school, Keith Buckley smashes out his best shouts and alongside his very punk influenced clean vocals make From Parts Unkown one of their best albums to date. As well as this, guest vocals from Sean Ingram of Coalesce and Brain Fallon from the outstanding alternative rock band Gaslight Anthem compliment Buckley’s style superbly. What about the drums and bass? Well you guessed it, incredible. Fast and chaotic to match the frantic style of the band with Stephen Micciche distorted bass lines keeping your head banging whilst Ryan ‘Legs’ Leger pounds out pedal heavy drumming like a machine.

From Parts Unkown is just a killer album, one of the best to be released in 2014 so far, therefore it is getting a perfect 10/10! I cannot praise this album enough, so I suggest everyone stops reading this and goes give it a listen.


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