Single Review: The Negative One by Slipknot

Masked metallers Slipknot released their new single The Negative One late last week and it is sounding just as heavy as Iowa.

The guitar rift rips their last album All Hope Is Gone apart, trading in the slightly lighter tone and melodic chorus in favour of a down-tuned head bangers dream. Honestly the rift is so heavy that it would any death or extreme metal band proud! Corey Taylor and his iconic vocals spit out the aggression I missed during All Hope Is Gone and gets the listener all riled up for a mosh, even if it’s by yourself. The single also shows how chaotic choruses can be just as catchy as melodic ones with the repetition of ‘The lord of lies, the morning star, you had to be set free, opposing sides, your choices are the negative one and me’ being growled. The drumming is just as neck breaking, even without Joey Jordison, and smashes out double pedalled destruction across the song. The distinct scratching, turntables and random percussion makes a welcome return giving it that distinct Slipknot feel to make one of their heaviest songs yet, on par with The Heretic Anthem and Metabolic.

The single is nice blast form the past for any noughties metalhead as it reminds you of just what a riot Slipknot can create. The Negative One is a huge song and should be checked out by any metal fan, I am giving it a 8/10 as I am now looking forward to the album with excitement rather than concern.  


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