Single Review: A Gluttonous Abomination by Acrania

It’s hard to escape the three minutes of pig squeals and generic palm muted guitars of modern death metal, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is nice to see something refreshing to hit the scene. That is exactly what London born Acrania brings to the slab with their six minute twenty two seconds of brutal death metal in the form of A Gluttonous Abomination.

The drumming is aggressive throughout but varies between slow mosh ready beats and those seriously speedy double pedal kicks that are a key ingredient to punching out that beautifully disgusting sound of death metal. Guitar work is your standard down tuned, distorted sound that festers in any death metal song however Acrania have adapted it to fit the evolution of death metal. The quick and uncontrollable riffs are broken up by catchy chug riffs that bridge the song in a simple yet effective manner. The lyrics are snarled and screamed out in between deep stomach churning roars that are strangely intelligible, unlike so many modern death metal vocals, allowing the listener to shout out lines even after a single play through. Just when you think the song is over, the listener is treated to one of the most neck snapping breakdowns around accompanied by slow chugging guitars, machine gun drumming and a long guttural growl that finishes the song, and listener, off in style. Seriously I nearly got whiplash from this song!

Acrania are definitely a treasure waiting to be found and A Gluttonous Abomination is testament to what their new album Totalitarian Dystopia will unleash on the death metal world. The song gets a solid 7/10 from me and should be checked out by each and every fan of this genre!


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