Album Review: Sunset On The Golden Age by Alestorm

It’s time to set sail on the seven seas of metal with pirate themed Alestorm and their new album Sunset On The Golden Age! But did the True Scottish Pirate Metal band resort to Scraping the Barrel like they predicted in their previous album?

No, is the plain and simple answer. The bands metal shanties are as fresh as they were on Captain Morgan’s Revenge. After hearing each song a few times, you should be qualified enough to sing along as the lyrics are simple and addictive. You’ll sing about Drink, watching people Walk The Plank and Surf Squid Warfare, okay that one isn’t the most piratey of themes but fits in with the bands ridiculous and amusing lyrics. The band also experiments with a few death growls in songs such as Magnetic North that only enhances the fierce captain like feel to these ballads. Musically the band returns to their mix of upbeat folk, power and thrash metal that has kept their ship sailing for ten years. The heavy shredded guitars and drums are accompanied by various percussion instruments, such as accordion synths form the signature keytar that gives their metal that authentic seafaring sound to it.

Once again Alestorm have turned my head to a life of piracy and crime. Sunset On The Golden Age will have you drinking, singing dancing and head banging all the way till the end and gets a 9/10 from me. Go listen to it and join the vast crew of fans that Alestorm has recruited over the years.


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