Single Review: The Last Garrison by Enter Shikari

Am I ever going to regret tattooing Enter Shikari up my forearm? Fuck no! The Last Garrison is a single off their forthcoming album The Mindsweep, and I have had it on repeat for hours at a time!

The lads of genre bashing Enter Shikari are at it again, bringing their electronic fuelled, post-hardcorey, impossible to define sound to The Last Garrison. You’ll be smashed in the face with Rou’s iconic vocals, his shouty riot inducing cries and well developed pumping cleans, that speak some of the most passionate and meaningful lyrics this year. I have been screaming ‘Head’s up and thank fuck you’re still alive!’ ever since it came out! Old-school fans may complain ‘oh, there’s too much electronic , drum and bass’ or ‘I miss Take To the Skies’ but the heavy hardcore sections are still as mosh ready as ever, but the single has shown the bands new direction and I’m loving it!

The Last Garrison is an example of Enter Shikari doing what they do best, pushing their sound to defy the boundaries of music genres that they find so worthless. It’s catchy, aggressive and punches more emotion in a single song than some bands can convey in an entire album, 10/10 for The Last Garrison. Featured image


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