Single Review: Hollow by A Moment Lost

Kendall Metalcorers A Moment Lost released their new song Hollow last week. So up and coming metalcore bands read this review carefully as this is how you do metalcore!

A Moment Lost boasts a sound that is fuelled by pulse pounding metal and well executed breakdowns. Hollow is no different. The vocals are distinct, a throaty roar that echoes some serious dark undertones complementing the neck breaking sound of the instruments. It is hard to find vocals this unique. Guitar work is chug heavy and very punchy exactly what you want from any heavy riff. Listeners will also have the added pleasure of being thrown into some catchy bridges; these guys prove that metalcore is not all about binary tab sheets. The finishing touch of Hollow is the drums that tear the heaviness to new levels in classic A Moment Lost style, pounding out the perfect beats to match the aggressive nature of the bass and guitars along with the immersive lyrics.

Hollow deserves a listen to any fan of heavy music as it displays what A Moment Lost do best, smashing out relentlessly heavy music. The song gets a well earned 8/10 and the band is well worth following to catch any future releases!


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