Album Review: The Mindsweep by Enter Shikari

People say actions speak louder than words, well these people have clearly not heard Enter Shikari’s new album The Mindsweep.

This album is politically charged to the max, assaulting issues such as the NHS and societies class systems. Enter Shikari weren’t lying when they wrote ‘Don’t be fooled into thinking that a small group of friends, Cannot change the world’ in Pack Of Thieves on their previous album as The Mindsweep is proof that these lads are trying to make a change. But you can’t send a message through an album if it isn’t worth listening to, so what about the music?

Of course the music is brilliant, it’s Enter Shikari people. Another new sound for another new album, their constantly developing sound keeps it fresh and unique to the band. That perfect Shikari bond between electronic, drum and bass with outbursts of hardcore return for The Mindsweep and whose complain? Certainly not me. A melodic electronic sound pulses through the album especially in songs like The Last Garrison and Torn Apart before a riot of hardcore influences erupts in between.

Like a fine wine, Rou’s vocals just keeping getting better with time, developing his roar like shout and trance inducing cleans; the man could sing me to sleep any day with songs such as Dear Future Historians. The guitar work is equally as impressive with Roy C throwing in some chaotic and raucous riffs to keep the sound heavy particularly in Anaesthetist and There’s a Price on Your Head. To blend the pounding drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep and electronic sounds into the neck wrenching hardcore and breakdowns, is the joint effort of bassist Chris Batten and drummer Rob Rolfe. These two use a combination of funky bass riffs and calming drum beats to keep the music flowing between harsh, hectic mosh heavy sections, such as Myopia.

I was going to wait till the album was officially released on CD to review but I couldn’t help myself. A great start musically to 2015 with The Mindsweep raising the bar extremely high for any other artist realising albums this year. A near perfect album earning a well deserved 9/10. Some more heaviness would have been nice to hear but hats off to these guys for proving that music genres aren’t built to constrict but to abuse and bend.



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