Album Review: Nonstop Feeling by Turnstile

Turnstile have always been lurking on my hardcore radar but never at the forefront, until the release of their latest album Nonstop Feeling.
Baltimore based hardcorers Turnstile have always utilized an old school sound in their music and this continues with Nonstop Feeling. It sounds raw and rough, just like those early hardcore bands in the 80s and 90s. Songs such as Drop and Addicted show how punky riffs are used to bridge the traditional hardcore guitar chugs to cement the album to stop the music becoming repetitive and generic. This range in riffs also allows the drums to run wild with fast chaotic beats whilst maintaining the build up to the breakdowns, like in Bad Wave. The album has an underlying bounciness that brings back memories of bands such as Rage Against The Machine and Stray From The Path. The vocals vary from very angry almost spoken word poetry to 90s New York inspired shouts that keep the listener riled up but never bored. This is helped out by some pretty haunting and echoed choruses in Can’t Deny It and Out of Rage. What about those staple hardcore ingredients that can make or break an album, breakdowns and two stepping opportunities for the pit dwellers? They are all here, Turnstile have made sure that any hardcore fan, new or old, has their mosh pit fix.
All in all Nonstop Feeling is a solid album a 7.5/10. It sticks to a recipe we all like the taste of without experimenting too much but is still pit worthy.


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