Single Review: True Zero by Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats have been blasting their sludge metal fused hardcore punk into my ears ever since Hail Destroyer. With the release of their latest song, True Zero, it is safe to say they will be continuing to do so in 2015

It’s been two months since they teased us with the first single from their upcoming album Searching For True Zero, so it is about time we got another flash of what is to come. Straight away I have to mention Liam Cormier’s vocals. They have matured from a less screechy scream into a gravelly shout. Those iconic screams are still lurking about in the chorus to give it some clout and impact. Instrumentally the band has clearly picked up some serious Black Sabbath influence whilst performing as Bat Sabbath. There is a lot of classic Cancer Bats guitar squealing from Scott Middleton as well as those all important build up riffs that lift the listener up during the verse before dropping them for the chorus and breakdowns. One of my all time favourite bassist Jaye R. Schwarzer brings back his beastie, heavy tone to shake the shit out of your neck especially during the second verse and post-chorus bridge. Drums are back with cymbal addicted Mike Peters crashing, bashing and beating his way through the song, perfectly aiding the strings in building up the tension between the verses and eruptive chorus. However there is a slight lacking of aggression and chaos that comes with the favouring of sludge and old school metal influences over the more punky hardcore ones. I hope these make a return for Searching For True Zero to give the album that fist clenching head banging fix I so desperately need from a Cancer Bats record.

Once again Cancer Bats have not disappointed, True Zero gets an 8/10 from me. With the explosive bursts in between pulse raising build ups, any fan of the band could not be unhappy with this song.


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