Album Review: The 25th Hour by Terror

If hardcore was to have a national anthem it would be Terror’s Keepers Of The Faith, but what about their latest contribution to keeping the spirit of hardcore alive? The 25th Hour was released on the 7th August and shows that the band aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Terror once again shows the young up and coming hardcore bands how it’s done, with an album for hardcore kids young and old to throwdown to. Their trademark short and sweet style makes a return, unleashing relentlessly for its 22 minute run time without offering the listener a moment of calm or relaxation. The title track is right for the moshing, with a riff that opens the album with the familiar Terror sound backed up by a quick and abrasive outburst from vocalist Scott Vogel. The album continues with enough two stepping rhythms and arm failing breakdowns from songs like Feed the Rats and Snap to cause listeners to open up a pit anywhere and whenever they are listening. Family Barbeques, weddings or at work the moment a fan hears a song off this album the slamming will begin. Gang vocals are also utilised in the usual Terror manner with calls outs of ‘no time for fools’ in the appropriately named No Time For Fools and ‘deep roots’ in Deep Rooted to get the united spirit of hardcore across. However there is a sense of déjà vu as the lyrics don’t really differ too much from the previous five albums with the whole defending hardcore theme appearing a little too often in Terror’s back catalogue for my liking. There are plenty of decent of lyrics within the album, The Solution being a personal favourite with its portrayal of violence and aggression in the destruction of a child’s innocence within a broken home, but it is the themes which let the album down slightly.

With its heavy breakdowns, fast riffing and gang vocals it is hard to ignore The 25th Hour as it grabs you and doesn’t let go earning it a 7/10 with the only downsides being the lack of diversity with lyrical themes and structure from previous albums. The album is still definitely worth a listen to if you are even the smallest Terror or hardcore fan.


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