Album Review: Blossom by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Franks back and my God is he angry. As much as I loved his display of versatile vocal styles in Pure Love, I did miss the fiery spirit that he unleashed in Gallows but with new band, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, you get the best of both worlds.

Blossom is their debut album and blends the harsh nature of hardcore with gentler subversive undertones. The massive opening riff of Juggernaut is a sign of what is to come as the album rips the listener left and right with its crushing heaviness, raw vocals and the pulse pounding moshing possibilities. The harsh lyrics, a classic staple to any Frank Carter project, are shouted with an unrefined punch that revives the DIY sound of such punk bands as Black Flag. There are some surprisingly calming vocals like the intro to Devil Inside Me that lull the listener into a misguided sense of relaxation before being thrown right back into the fierce shouts. The vocals are backed up by countless memorable riffs from Fangs to Primary Explosive that are well structured for maximum head banging. Impressive rock n roll inspired guitar solos litter the album giving the music a refreshing take on the hardcore/punk sound showing off the full range of genres that are being pulled into Blossom to give it a certain uniqueness that pulls it out from the crowd.  I Hate You ends the album in style. An aggressive take on a slow ballad that unleashes the full anger of Frank’s lyrics and vocals along with some blues driven riffs, it really sends the album off in a classic manner.

Blossom is well deserving of the success it has achieved showing that punk and hardcore still has a place within the musical world and is not likely to die out anytime soon. With the numerous guitar riffs, DIY style and punchy vocals, Blossom earns a near perfect 9/10 and has me wishing for a second album in the future.


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