Single Review: Crushed by Parkway Drive

Australian hardcorers with a heart of metal, Parkway Drive, released an absolute belter last week. Crushed from their upcoming album IRE is… well… it’s crushing.

The song opens with uneasy monk like chants that phase in and out throughout the song giving it a dark atmosphere. The iconic vocals of Winston McCall are as brutal as ever, screaming out ‘Brothers, my brothers’ punching the sense of unity against the religion of the free world within the lyrics. The classic Jeff Ling and Luke “Pig” Kilpatrick metalcore riffs are mixed in with something incredibly special, a little care package of Rage Against The Machine influenced guitar work. The groove heavy bass lines of bassist Jia “Pie” O’Connor compliment McCall on his more spoken word parts that mimic the early hardcore and nu metal styles of the 90s. The structured drumming from Ben “Gaz” Gordon keeps the song constantly moving, simple beats and filler are tapped out when needed and smashed out to keep heads banging.  Parkway Drive don’t deviate too much though and you can still hear their iconic neck snapping breakdowns and melodic bridges but it is nice to hear a new take on their sound.

Parkway Drive have struck gold with this song. A catchy chorus, unique instrumentals and hard, punchy vocals have kept Crushed pounding out of my speakers all week earning it an 8/10. It’s great and is testament to what is to come from IRE when it is released in September.


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