Sambro’s Spotlight : Ghost

This is a new section I will be running alongside my usual reviews and rants, called Sambro’s Spotlight. In these posts I will be writing about bands I have found throughout my musical quest that week. So bring on Sambro’s Spotlight!

Ghost are a Swedish heavy metal band that formed back in 2008. Now don’t let the hooded instrumentalists and anti-Pope vocalist Papa Emeritus fool you, the music itself isn’t that heavy. The band plays a very dark sounding blend of classic heavy metal and doom metal, mixed in with some occult like harmonies and vocals. If I was to sum up Ghost’s sound in one word it would be evil.

The bands image and music preaches extreme satanic views which has caused them problems over the years, such as being unable to find choir singers to perform on their album. However it has not stopped the band from earning a Grammis Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album as well as recognition from the likes of Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters.



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