Album Review: That’s The Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon

The Sheffield rockers, Bring Me The Horizon, are a band that the metal scene have harboured a lot of hate for in the past. However the release of their killer album Sempiternal changed all that, but what has That’s The Spirit got to offer?

Let’s be thankful it is more like Sempiternal than Count Your Blessings. Bring Me The Horizon have once again moved further away from their metalcore sound pulling in more alternative and pop influences giving the album a lighter sound bring forth memories of good old school alternative and emo bands. Inked up vocalist Oli Sykes trades in his screams for something lighter to fit with the depressing and melancholic temperament of the album. His vocals are a little shrill for my liking but they do add power to the lyrics and his screams aren’t gone forever as they do crop up here and there throughout songs like True Friends. The instrumental work that has gone into the album is extensive; you can see that every song is structured for maximum impact without relying on toned down guitars and breakdowns, yet this also a downside as much as it is a positive step. There are hardly any songs that hit you as hard as songs like Antivist to blow the listen away; the opening of Happy Song does come close. With that being said, That’s The Spirit can stand on its melodic riffs and bridges with songs like Follow You calming instead of riling the listener. There is still some punch to be found in the album as drummer Matt Nicholls packs a wallop when it’s needed. Throne is full to the brim with steady beats and shifting fills that keep the song interesting after the relaxed breaks are opened up to make way for the heavier segments. The guitars and drums are backed up with help of keyboardist Jordan Fish to lull the listener into the more melodic tones to make these sections sound fuller and bigger. It has also given the band leeway to experiment with different bridges from sweeping classical inspired sections to electronic outbursts.

That’s The Spirit has to be listened to from a different angle. Once you accepted that Bring Me The Horizon are branching out from the metalcore sound you can truly appreciate what they have to offer the rock scene. The album earns a 7/10 for its new outlook on the alternative, metal sound and the stadium filling anthems.



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