My Top Ten Metal Video Games (Part 1)

I love music. I love playing it, I love listening to it and I love writing about it. However constantly creeping into the back of my mind is another one of my favourite past times. Is it tattoos? No. It is the devilish addictive brilliance of video games. I thought why not combine the two. So here it is My Top Ten Metal Video Games.

10) Guitar Hero Series – We are opening this list with the gaming equivalent of air guitaring in your room to an imaginary audience. The Guitar Hero Series has featured some of metal and rocks biggest names from Metallica to Black Sabbath to jam along to. You’ll shred your way to become the greatest band in the history of ever. A digital audience cheers and claps its way through the awe inspiring guitar work, until you notice the reflection in the TV screen… You stood there in your pants and vest holding a plastic guitar. Maybe if I spend more time with a real instrument I could acquire some proper fame and actual fans.  This game would have scored higher on the list however it gets stagnant once you are forced to play through some questionable song inclusions, I’m looking at you When You Were Young. I would hardly call The Killers guitar heroes.

Recommended Genres: Pick and choose from the series soundtrack.

9) Saints Row 2 – I know a game about warring gangs sounds like something more in tune with rap than metal but hear me out. With plenty of customization and options you can metal the hell out of your Saints Row 2 character and gang. Forcing your gang to constantly play the local metal radio station, The Krunch 106.66, pick more metal attire for them to wear and waging your gang war against all the non-metalheads gangs is just so damn satisfying. Is there anything better than initiating a drive by shooting whilst Lamb Of God pounds out the car radio or taking a bat to some gangster, it is a thing of glory.

Recommended Genres:  Groove Metal, Nu Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Punk.

8) Classic Castlevania Series – Being a young ‘un I never got to play these games on their respective consoles. NES, SNES and the Sega Genesis were already outdated when I begun gaming on my PS1. But through the glories of emulators I was able to play through these tough as nails games. Starting off with the best in series, Super Castlevania IV, I fell in love with the games and played them over and over again. I’m being serious I must have killed Dracula more times than Universal Studios. It doesn’t get more metal than slaying classic horror monsters from Frankenstein’s Monster to The Grim Reaper himself.   Castlevania has always had some of the most kickarse music its catchy and sends tingling sensations right down you which is spot on for metal covers.

Recommended Genres: Folk Metal, Power Metal.

7) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion & Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Step into the land of Tamriel and prepare for a grand adventure, and the disappearance of your social life as you immerse yourself in the game. Oblivion is second only to another game that will be featuring on this list for amount of hours sunk into a single game. The story, the lore, the gameplay it is all just so amazing! So why not put on some epic metal to follow you throughout your quest and aimless wonderings within the world. Perhaps you are slaying all the dragons in Skyrim as your hench Nord warrior then why not kick back with some Viking Metal. Just be careful however as the ability to make your beard grow to manly lengths, you have been warned.

Recommended Genres: Viking Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal

6) Mortal Kombat X – Gory as sin and more brutal than any other fighting game out there. All you need is to pit two fighters against each other, then watch them pummel one another. And the fatalities! Oh the fatalities would make Cannibal Corpse jealous with the sheer amount of on screen gore. The story is meh, but that’s not why we play Mortal Kombat. We play to savage our best mates in straight up kombat, sorry combat. With a cast of classic characters alongside new favourites and of course a horror fans wet dream having Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Alien and Predator as combatants. Playing this game with some hardcore and beatdown on makes your stress levels quickly decrease as you unleash all your aggression out similar to losing your shit in a mosh pit. Fatality!

Recommended Genres: Hardcore, Beatdown, Deathcore.



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