Album Review: No Cure No Saviour by POLAR.

Big up my local boys POLAR. on the release of their third album. You may remember them from the first review I ever posted back in April 2014 but have they progressed since then? Is No Cure No Saviour worth a listen to?

The POLAR. lads certainly don’t beat around the bush with this album. After a small melodic opening introduction in Blood For Blood , the listener is propelled straight into the aggressive assault of vocalist Woody proclaiming ‘Blood for blood, No remorse’ followed by an earth shattering riff that’s guaranteed to shattered a lesser human. The opening song is certainly heavy and the rest of the album forms up behind it, ready to be unleashed. POLAR. definitely set the bar high from the outset. Vastly improving on their former sound by incorporating a more metal styling within the guitar work and especially in Nick‘s drumming within Downfall, placing blasting fills and steady bridges in all the right places. This isn’t to say the band has lost its melodic hardcore routes, you just have to look at the ear catching choruses from Until The Light and King of Kings to see the powerful use of gang vocals to give the album a sense of unity and purpose.

The first single from the album Tidal Waves And Hurricanes really show what the band can do. Driven riffs and monstrous breakdowns alongside a pretty While She Sleeps sounding chanting chorus. Imagine a melodic hardcore take on While She Sleeps because that what it sounds like, which of course is definitely not a bad thing. Guitarists Tom and Fabian have really gone to town on the riffage for this albums showing a diverse range of influences from hardcore to punk and metal. Perfectly shown on the penultimate song, Lost Souls,  as the slow and melodic bridges gives the listener a short time to catch their breath before the next crushing riff descends upon them.

After all this is the crème de la crème, powerful lyrics and themes tackling subjects ranging from dealing with death to the morality of people and lost humanity. Until The Light and No Cure focus heavily on the bands reaction to the homeless people they meet whilst working with the charity Crisis. It is hard hitting and offers a melancholic tone to the album. And if this wasn’t good enough there is still one more song I have to talk about, Deus Ex Machina which features Andrew Nuefeld from the talented Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid. The song is almost a homage to their previous albums following a more standard formula that POLAR. fans will recognise. There is also a re-release of Destroy off their 2013 EP Inspire, Create, Destroy . Similarly to the Create addition on their previous album the song has been revamped to fit the new sound and feels right at home on the album.

No Cure No Saviour is a blast from the first song to the last. It reveals a band that is ever changing adding more and more styles and influences to their sound whilst maintaining the heart and soul which dragged me in when I first heard This Polar Noise back in 2012. The album receives a near perfect 9/10 from me and I would happily recommend it to any fans of hardcore, metal or heavy music in general.



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