My Top Ten Metal Video Games (Part 2)

Lets finish this list before we run out of continues!

5) DOOM – A pioneering FPS, a classic. Call it what you will but there isn’t much debate that it is a great game to blast metal out to! Follow a marine on his journey into the depths of hell after stepping through a portal on mars with the ultimate goal of turning everything into a bloody pile of pixel guts and bones. Put on some eerie metal, grab your shotgun and enjoy everything that this game has to offer a metalhead. Game too slow for you? Then download the mod Brutal DOOM to bring this old school masterpiece into the modern era without losing any of the heart and soul.

Recommend Genres: Doom Metal (Obviously)

4) Brütal Legend– Get Jack Black to voice the main character then proceed to get the voices of some of the most famous metal musicians including Ozzy and Lemmy and what do you get? A game over flowing with metal vibes. A standard action-adventure game with real time stragedy elements thrown into the mix the game play maybe meh in places but the story, voice acting and general wackiness will keep any metal fan playing till the end. From the use of a guitar as a weapon all the way to comical cameos that are scattered throughout, Brütal Legend is a tongue in cheek journey guaranteed to make any fan of metal smile.  

Recommend Genres: Old School Heavy Metal.

3) Dark Souls Series – Prepare To Die… Again… and again and again, until you are fuming with so much rage you’ll be ready to throw your control at the nearest wall. However if you get over how difficult the Soulsborne (Dark Souls and Bloodborne) games are and you’ll find a series that is simply amazing. With the main goal of the series boiling down to taking souls from nerve wrecking bosses who show no mercy, no remorse and certainly no leeway. Make a mistake and you’re dead. It’s as brutal as the heaviest death metal band. The worlds created in the series are dark and atmospheric like a good album cover, grim and oozing with metal images.

Recommend Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal.

2) Splatterhouse Series – So you’re a metalhead and some twisted doctor has stolen your girlfriend leaving you for dead, what would you do? Well if your name is Rick Taylor then the only option is to put on a possessed mask and rip, crack, mutilate and splatter your way through enemies until Jenny is back in your monstrously jacked arms. No in depth plot needed in these games. I think the Splatterhouse Series was created to be the perfect game for a metal fan. More gruesome than any brutal death metal album artwork, harder and faster than any thrash band and above all else the true embodiment of metal in a video game. Just check out the soundtrack of the 2010 reboot, Municipal Waste and Goatwhore just to name two. Hell there is even a boss fight whilst Mastodon‘s Blood and Thunder tears up the back ground, now that’s metal as fuck.

Recommend Genres: Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Crossover Thrash.

1) World Of Warcraft – Duh. The greatest game I have ever played is also the most metal in my opinion. This is the game I lost countless hours lost in a virtual world, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Firstly just look at the horde, they are like stereotypically a metal band. You have the Tauren as the huge beast on drums. The constantly angry sounding Orc on vocals. Of course you got the pretty boy Blood Elf on rhythm guitar and backups. On lead guitar the troubled past Undead. Finally the lanky, hunched over, possibly on drugs Troll rocking the bass. See they are all there. If you don’t know anything about World Of Warcraft just google it, I don’t have the word count to pour hours of love onto this post, all you need to know is that it is the finest example of MMORPG brilliance from Blizzard. I would spend hours literally hours, almost entire days, on this game grinding epic gear, renown on the mighty Kilrogg Server. I made countless friends and even given my nickname, Sambro on this game, but what would I be listening to whilst playing? Anything. Literally anything fits. Days of grinding (not the dry humping dancing kind) was made bearable even enjoyable by playing some of my favourite albums and artists. Okay so game wise it may not be as metal orientated as previous entries but it is the nostalgia of days gone by listening to the best music and playing the best game.

Recommend Genres: Everything Heavy!


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