Album Review: The Concrete Confessional by Hatebreed

Hatebreed have always been one of those hardcore bands that have flown under my radar. Sure I listen to the well known songs, Destroy Everything and I Will Be Heard etc, but you know what I have never listen to an entire album from start to finish. This is about to change so everyone grab your camo shorts and let’s do this!

The band’s latest album The Concrete Confessional caught my attention when the single Looking Down the Barrel of Today kept swarming my social media and wow. Its absolute aggressiveness blew my head open. The main riff is simple, catchy and so hard you’ll be bench pressing twice as much from the sheer pump. This formula is maintained throughout the album, making it feel like a thirty three minute breakdown, you may wish to remove expensive items out of harm’s way because you’ll be moshing… a lot.

The bass and drums serve to flesh out these mosh heavy riffs. On the odd occasion they are able to run the show with the bass taking the lead on Something’s Off with a crunchy intro to strength the impact of the main riff. Interspersed between these fighty guitar parts are some thrash inspired licks and bridges which speed up the songs and keep things a little more interesting. The final song Serve Your Masters utilises this crossover thrash style as the bridge comes out of nowhere leaving you with your mouth a jar. However by the time the last song has come around you’ll be suffering from what I like to call thrash-ja-vu. This is where all the songs begin to blur into one long mash up and it is hard to decipher between each song, probably the reason why I have never sat down to an entire album before.

However the powerful vocals of Jamey Jasta counter act this problem with some massive lyrics. He seems like a very nice guy in interviews but Jesus is he pissed off on the album. A.D has him tearing down the concept of the American Dream, spouting anger at the corruption and the illusion that it embodies. The outburst styling of the vocals fits in with the music incredibly well and is one of the reasons the album kept my attention all the way till the end.

All in all The Concrete Confessional is a definite hit. It can wear you down with the seemingly simple structure but it never loses its furious nature and head banging credentials. I can now say I have heard a Hatebreed album in full and will be seeking out more albums in the future. Hatebreed’s seventh album earns a 8/10 from me, if you are fan of hardcore or thrash it is worth a listen


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