Album Review: All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us by Architects

The lords of chugging are back! Brighton’s Post-hardcore metallers Architects have a lot to live up to after their near perfect album Lost Forever//Lost Together was released in 2014. Can they possibly raise the bar yet again?

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us was off to a flying start when the band unveiled the single A Match Made In Heaven at the start of May. An unrelenting assault of perfect chug patterns and strange chords from guitarist Tom Searle and Adam Christianson and bassist Alex Dean, brings all the aspects that Architects have mastered to produce a flood of aggression and anger. Sam Carter is back breaking out the ‘bleghs’ at every opportunity. This staple of his vocal style pushes the impact of every change in riff and heavy breakdown throughout the song. Lyrically on par or even better than Lost Forever//Lost Together, Carter drives the meaningful themes of war and political injustices straight to the foreground a welcoming sign of things.

The rest of the album hits just as hard, instrumentally and lyrically. There is no remorse from the opening song Nihilist having no melodic introduction to lead listeners carefully into the album. Instead you’re thrown into the deep end. Assaulted on all sides by guitars, drums and vocals. Controlled chaos is the best way to describe it, with fast paced guitars reminiscing something from their early mathcore beginnings. These intricate guitar licks and bridges are scattered throughout the album keeping these chug heavy riffs from becoming simple breakdowns whilst maintaining the impact that a breakdown carries. Drummer Dan Searle doesn’t simply keep the beat, he riffs along with the guitars amplifying them tenfold with sporadic kick patterns and fills to keep the music neck shattering.  Riffs like Phantom Fear show that every guitar, bass and drum part has a hard effect on the listener from the eruptive heavy parts to the soft melodic parts.

Oh yeah that’s right Architects have not lost that melodic heartfelt aspect to their song writing. Gone With The Wind showcases this all too well. Carter‘s passionate vocals push so much emotion in the slower and calmer parts of the song to give it a saddening tone whilst maintain that punchy aggression. The vocals are backed up by some ethereal guitar echoes that feature throughout the album to break up the onslaught of all out chugging lowering the mood to perfectly compliment Carter‘s voice.

Architects have done it again, these lads are definitely one of Britain’s finest as they keep producing on point music. All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is a belter, all the songs standout as epic pieces of art. The album gets a 10/10 from me. I’m off to play this gem on repeat over and over again and suggest you do to.


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