Single Review: Universal Language by Stick To Your Guns

It’s a new record label for Orange County hardcore band Stick To Your Guns as they signed to Pure Noise Records last Friday. So it’s a new label and time for a new song, but is it the same sound that we have come to love?

The song opens with guitarists Chris Rawson and Josh James galloping away with a riff worthy of a decent two step. Its chugging is joined by the beat driven drums setting up a solid foundation for the almost three minute song, veering off to give bassist Andrew Rose and vocalist Jesse Barnett a few head bobbing seconds to get listeners ready for the next eruption of riffing. Drummer Schmitty uses this repeating riff to build up each section of the song with fills to keep the music surging and tempo driven. Like any good Stick To Your Guns song it opens up for the a chorus. It’s a huge chord laden chorus filled with a chanting pump and those raw cleans the band is known for. Don’t be too taken in by the clean vocals as you are quickly thrown back into the mosh heavy section.

Vocals are aggressive and gritty to match the lyrical tone. Themes of a violent society hit hard when taking current events throughout the world into account making the songs relevance even more impactful. Calling out “I can’t believe you will not see, the ones you’ve grown to hate are just like you and me” in the chorus shows the futility of hatred and the sense of unity that the listener can get behind. The line “War is all I fucking see” rages into the breakdown to finish the song off in true hardcore fashion. The crushing guitars and pounding drums are bound to get people into the pit for one last mosh.

It seems Stick To Your Guns have taken a stand against recent world events in this cracking song. Universal Language contains everything a fan wants to hear, feisty riffs and catchy choruses earning it a 8/10, let’s hope its release is a sign for an upcoming album. Fingers crossed.


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