Single Review: Glitches by Every Time I Die

Buffalos finest hardcore punks are back. After the epic release of From Parts Unknown back in 2014, the lads have given us a second glorious glimpse of their upcoming album Low Teens, with the song Glitches.

You know the song is set up to be heavy when it’s opened with a drum roll and steady feedback, and in true Every Time I Die style it is followed by a hectic outburst from all angles. Vocalist Keith Buckley spits out lyrics in a raw rage over the barge of drums, guitars and bass. This frenzy is spliced together with a down tempo riff that is made all the more neck snapping by the body shattering drum beats. It is a bridge built for a mosh, in fact the whole song is built for a good old pit. There is a galloping feeling that is created by the guitarist Jordan Buckley and Andrew Williams with the southern metal inspired licks that keep the speedy punk sections in check. It is guaranteed to get anybody swinging their arms and rampantly banging their heads. Finishing the song off is a huge breakdown of a riff. This is where bassist Stephen Micciche shines through by bringing out the sheer savagery of the riff. A simple yet effective way to end the song. It show cases the band doesn’t just thrive on the disorder of speed and raucous riffage.

Once again the lyrics are on point. The song follows themes of dealing with mass tragedy, something we can all relate to with recent events stretched out across the world. The lyrics ‘I don’t know nothing/ I’m not in control’ sums up the feeling of helplessness and the anger felt when it is impossible to prepare yourself for such atrocities.

Glitches is one hell of song, another song to add to Every Time I Die‘s impeccable track record. It’s everything a fan would want. Beefy riffs, harsh vocals, crushing drums and meaningful lyrics. It earns a 9/10 and combined with the previous release of The Coin Has A Say  they have me on the edge for Low Teens. Come on September 23rd.



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