My Top 5 Goriest Album Covers

Time to indulge my gory side. Be it in video games,  films, anime or music gore has always fascinated me.  The more brutal the depiction the better!  So here is my top 5 goriest album covers.

(If you are of a nervous disposition or have a  weak stomach now is the time to back out)



5) The Anomalies of Artificial Origin(Remixed and Remastered) by Abominable Putridity – The original artwork for this album is quite tame. It is just a creature breaking free of a test chamber maliciously murdering two or three scientist. Okay tame for brutal slamming death metal standards. However the remastered is on whole new level. The creature, now a human ripped in two, has its guts just chilling inside some ones decapitated head. Tentacles and claws leaving limbs torn from disembowelled torsos. It is truly a disturbing sight.


4) Psycosadistic Design by Vulvodynia – Coming in at number  4 is a band named after the unexplained pain in the vulva region. Yeah sorry about going all medical on you there but once you take this into account you know the artwork isn’t going to sunsets and pleasantries. Of course instead we get a big fat redneck looking ‘man’ lowering a topless woman into what I can only assume is acid of some sort. The South African slam band clearly wanted album artwork nearly as gruesome as their music. So for good measure why not add in some decapitated heads or throw in a wall of limbless, melted  remains. Yep that should do it.

amputated-dissect-molest-ingest3)Dissect, Molest, Ingest by Amputated – A band called Amputated with an album called Dissect, Molest, Ingest you just know the artwork on the album cover is going to be good. Or bad depending on your merry outlook on life. Evidence suggest that from a limb and gut riddled table that there is certainly some dissecting going on. There is a white eyed chef so there is some ingesting happening somewhere.  That’s two out of three. I guess one can only assume that the limbless cadaver hanging from a meat hook and the various collection of parts have been interfered with at some point. Hopefully an environmental health officer doesn’t have to do a health and hygiene evaluation anytime soon because this kitchen is definitely  not in line with health and safety regulations.


2) Dawn of the Black Hearts by Mayhem – Now I have decided to pussy out here and leave the actual album artwork off this one. Why you ask? Well Mayhem fans will already know, but the black metal pioneers used an actual photo of a corpse. That’s right a real life corpse. The 1995 bootlegged live album featured as the front cover the body of vocalist, Dead, who shot himself in the head back in 1991. It doesn’t get more gory or controversial. However due to the bootlegged nature of the album I have kept it at number 2.

Tombofthemutilated1) Tomb of the Mutilated by Cannibal Corpse – Now to today’s standard of putrid gore infested albums this may seem tame, but for the time it was appalling to behold. It was going to be hard to get more disgusting than their previous album Butchered At Birth which featured dead babies but they did it. They added sexual depravities into the mix, with a dead woman getting ‘pleasured’ by a corpse. Oh yeah Cannibal Corpse went there.  Given how big Cannibal Corpse were back in the 90s it was hard for metal retailers to ignore the boys from Buffalo. So you can imagine the controversy surrounding the availability of this gruesome album. It is unlikely to even see your favourite brutal, slam or death metal bands album in a store these days but Tomb of the Mutilated was out there, amidst public that is why it is number one on my list.

Special thanks to the parental advisory stamp for pointlessly gracing the front of many albums quite obviously not suitable for children.

Now I know there is more gory stuff out there but I am only included albums I have heard. It could have been easy for me to simply Google gorier artwork so if you have an album in mind post it in the comments.


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