Albun Review: With Regret by Expire

Let’s get heavy! After 8 years in the hardcore game, Expire have decided to call it a day. Not before releasing one last album. With Regret (a perfectly named album for a band about to split up) is the bands farewell to the world.

The album is chock full of all those juicy traditional hardcore staples, crushing breakdowns, fierce rhythms and aggressive vocals. With Regret has its fair share of memorable riffage. Opening track Fighting the Slip chugs through its short minute and half play time with plenty of bounce to keep things nice and tight. And that’s the albums best point, its tight. No song drags on for too long.  The album ploughs through twenty two minutes with ease but that is a good thing, it never feels stale or boring. It’s evident from this album their last two that Expire know what they want, short outbursts of raw energy. The formula is simple yet effective. Live or Die has no fancy twiddly guitar parts instead you get a teaser of an intro and then bang. It’s just a punch of chunky guitars, tempo riding drums and pissed off vocals.  All this accumulates in a juicy breakdown. They have breakdowns for days with nearly every song containing one. Some may say excessive but as someone who loves a good arm flailing I have no complaints.

With such short song lengths the vocals are decisive. When dealing with themes of wounded relationships and inward reflections it is easy to come across as whiney but not here. Here it’s a just a big middle finger. Vultures is spat out with such scorn that you are left with very little time to process the last minute before the next song starts.

It’s a solid hardcore album with plenty of breakdowns and two step grooves to get you moshing without over staying its welcome. With Regret earns an 8/10, a shame it is their last effort with so much future potential. Expire will be missed for sure as the scene looses another killer band. RIP Expire 2009-2016.




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