Single Review: Bulletproof by Attila

Well Attila have decided to “bless” the world with another single off their new album, Chaos. It is nothing like what we are use to but that doesn’t make it any better. First things first, early 2000 called they want their song back.

The guitars are very rap metal, with palm muted sections fit for rapping over and good old chuggyitty chug chugs. Yes there are certainly sections that are bouncy and catchy. I like the new direction the band is taking as they move further away from vastly decreasing pool of generic metalcore. There is no attempt to make a “tough” breakdown which is a plus, but the music just seems to be a platform for Fronzilla to sing over. It is sad as there is plenty of head banging potential in the intro. However this is soon lost as the song progresses. I wanted to enjoy the sound as you can see a glimmers of hope. It’s simple yes but that isn’t a bad thing, it just seems so uninspired with nothing new to offer.

As for the vocals, oh the vocals… Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak’s attempt at rapping is just cringy. Like fist clenching cringy. I mean his screams and gutturals weren’t much better but Christ I thought we agreed rap metal was a bad move ten years ago. Oh and for god sake, I have said this about artist in the past, if you have to keep singing about how ‘you don’t care about people’s opinions of you’ then its obvious you care far too much. At least there is nothing misogynistic or overtly sexual here. I suppose that’s an upside… I mean no one gets called a ‘faggot’, no one yells about drinking, drugs and canoodling with the opposite sex.

I will give Attila credit where credit is due. They certainly know how to sell themselves with emphasis on merch and edgy music to flog to kids. Hats off to them for that. They definitely have a diehard following. Bulletproof does nothing for me, I grew up in the age of Limp Bizkit so this attempt to be edgy is just not working. The single earns a 3/10, guess I’m just another one of those ‘haters’  that Fronzilla bangs on about.



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