My Top 10 Lord Of The Riffs (Part 2)

Do you hear that? That sound on the horizon? Oh yes the riff lords are back!

5)Gallows – Probably the best hardcore punk band out there and they have the riffs to match. Laurent “Lags” Barnard doesn’t care about the guitar rule book. If it sounds good he is playing it. In a video for Roland UK he played through In The Belly Of A Shark (one of my favourite songs ever) and stated ‘I just like making noise on a guitar’ followed by ‘that’s not even a chord, that’s just noise’. This is why so many of his riffs work in the world of punk and hardcore. It’s not about playing  things in a set manner but creating some seriously aggressive and powerful DIY riffs. He can also solo off something serious when needed! The man is just a brilliant guitarist.

4)Mastodon – Oh no, here we go the weird realm of Mastodon. A band that seeps innovation from every pore. Considered a metal band by many yet that would be ignoring all the punk, thrash, rock ‘n’ roll, stoner, sludge, prog and psychedelic traits. With every concept album comes a new angle in which to experiment with. Riffs come from all angles with everything from heavy and aggressive to the strangest calm melodies.  All this has rocked Mastodon into becoming one of 21st century’s finest metal acts.

3)While She Sleeps – Purveyors of what metalcore/modern metal should sound like. From thick heavy breakdowns to neck wrenching riffs, Sheffield’s finest While She Sleeps have got you covered. Covered in a mess of melodic progressions, chordy choruses and mosh ready riffage. If you think metalcore is just simple chugging, soppy breakdowns and uninspired guitars then you seriously needed to check out these guys. That mirror will soon be shattering around you.

2) Architects – After the sad news that guitarist Tom Searle back in August, I began listening to Architects entire back catalogue and discovered something I knew all along… They know their way around a guitar. Relying on chaotic (almost mathcore like) riffs, complex yet catchy chug patterns with some obscure chords thrown in for good measure and you have a glorious combination. A combination that I love… I love it a lot.

1)Lamb of God – Who is surprised? This band is just too bloody good at producing serious riffage. Each song is just a flash flood of perfect riffs, from guitars to bass to drums. Everyone is riffing! Can’t wait for Randy Blyth to start scatting just to be a part of this five man riff machine. You can literally pick any song from Lamb of God‘s extensive back catalogue and it will have you head banging away from the sheer power and insanity of the guitars, bass and drums. These guys are the true Lord Of The Riffs, may they reign for years to come!


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