Single Review: Hoodwinker by Enter Shikari

Now if you know me or read my blog, you may have noticed I never say a bad thing about these guys. I like ‘em… Okay I love ‘em, some say a little too much. I haven’t had my Shikari fix in a while; it’s been ten months since Redshift, so to find out that Hoodwinker had busted its way onto my radar this morning I was so happy. Oh so happy.

The intro hits like a shit brick house. A choppy riff, fist clenching vocals and pounding drums greet you as the song lets you know the guys aren’t done making things heavy just yet. It’s got the classic Shikari feel to it with offset synths shredding up the back ground. The verse doesn’t let up either. It picks up the speed, beat and melody but stays just as aggressive. Hoodwinker brings the heaviness back. You’ll find yourself getting hooked on the songs chorus, with smooth chord progression and simple beats meandering their way into your brain. Just when you are all snug in the chores, bam! That intro riffs punches its way back I, just when you think you are safe in the catchy feels of the chorus.  Seriously can’t wait to throw down shapes in the pit to that riff or the immense shattering breakdown!

One last thing that I have to mention is the outro. In the spirit of The Jester and Ghandi Mate Ghandi we get that classic over pronunciation that Rou has been humouring us with ever since they stormed the scene. I crack a little smirk every time I hear ‘You are a hoodwinker, sir.  What do you take me for, a fool? Cheeky fucker’ in his iconic humorous tone.

Enter Shikari are the best at what they do and what they do is just amazing. Hoodwinker continues their legacy of producing undeniably epic music. You know what’s coming.  That’s right a 10/10 for basking me in 3 minutes and 37 seconds of pure music ecstasy. Way to go boys!





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