Slayoncé Pins, It’s All Fine Just Why?


So yesterday I heard about Beyoncé selling Slayer inspired ‘Slayoncé’ pins on her recent tour.  Now unlike many people in the metal scene, who are going ballistic, I am not mad. I am just confused.

See I have never understood these people who are like ‘oh my god that person is wearing a Nirvana t-shirt when they clearly don’t listen to the band’… And. Is it hurting anyone? No it isn’t, so who cares? Some people just like the design of a t-shirt. Don’t start the whole ‘oh but they are taking away from our scene and using it for fashion’ because a fan knows who is and who isn’t a fan.  If one of the Kardashians wants to rep a Slayer shirt then fine, good for them. Hey, maybe they actually listen to metal? Who knows? Anyway A little exposure of metal into the world might just get some new blood listening to it.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand. We have had Ramones inspired One Direction t-shirts, Justin Bieber commandeering the legendary Black Flag logo and now ‘Slayoncé’ pins. My question is why? These artist, although not to my flavour, are renowned in their own respected worlds. Why do they need these logos? Is it because it makes them seem edgier? Is it because metal, hardcore and punk is coming into fashion? These people are ‘creative’ in their own rights; can their merchandise designers not come up with their own ideas? Now I don’t know if Beyoncé has a new song or album out where she sings about slaying stuff, but the use of someone else’s logo or font is just bewildering. She is a huge star, could her designers not create their own design. You know get her own metal inspired merch going, instead of taking Slayer’s whole logo/font thing.

But hey ho, maybe Beyoncé is a huge thrash metal fan and we can see a duet with Tom Araya sometime in the future. Cross fingers.


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