In Defence of Venom Prison, Metal Misogyny?

Metal fans gather round, take a seat and listen. Up and coming death metal outfit Venom Prison released their debut album Animus on Friday. Leading up to this front woman L did a very interesting interview over on Metal Hammer  ( in which she stated ‘Animus deals with oppression and politics, and to this day sexism and misogyny has a big impact on our culture – even in metal and punk’.

Now I am not here to talk about misogyny in metal, that is a topic for another day. Instead I want to talk about the reaction on the Facebook post. In simple terms, I am frankly shocked and appalled by the abuse dished out to Venom Prison. Now I thought the world of metal was free of stupid name calling and labelling, I know how naive of me. The band was called “social justice warriors”, likened to “feminist on tumblr” and dismissed for their appearance.

I love a good brutal death metal or slam metal song. The over the top, tongue and cheek gore is appealing to the horror fan inside of me and Venom Prison is no different. Their heavy focus on graphic description of ‘force feeding a rapist their own genitals’ is just brutal, there is no other way to put it. So let me get this straight, when Cannibal Corpse sing about raping a limbless cadaver that’s fine. However the moment a woman writes about feeding a rapist his privates then she is suddenly trying to be “edgy”(This is not a dig at Cannibal Corpse, I thoroughly enjoy the band). The band isn’t trying to take away or change the whole grotesque nature of the heavier side of metal, instead they are using it in a positive light to showcase the horror of rape and misogyny.

As for the attack on their looks, grow up people. You don’t have to have long hair, wear a bullet belt and leather jacket to play metal these days. I think  people are just annoyed the genre is developing and adapting. I mean come on, to make bands conform to a certain appearance is like the most un-metal thing ever.

FYI, The album is bloody great you can read my review here:

My Review of Animus by Venom Prison


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