Single Review: The Duke by Lamb of God

The kings of riffing are back and its Lamb of God like we have never seen them before.

The song itself is somewhat less aggressive or heavy as some of their previous material but that doesn’t stop it riffing its way into your skull. The main guitar riff has that Lamb of God groove that makes sure your head will be nodding the entire time. It’s less in your face, but still a full 100% on the riff-o-meter. That’s no to say it’s soft or easy listening. The Duke is still heavy with a huge almost breakdown bridge smashing through towards the end.

Vocalist, Randy Blythe puts everything on the line by showing us a different side to his vocals. His iconic harsh gutturals replaced by gruff solemn singing. The song is dedicated to a fan that was terminal ill from leukaemia that Randy had befriended. This makes the change in vocal style an appropriate one as it fits the heartfelt lyrics.

I enjoyed the direction the song has taken. Its subtleness earns it a 9/10 as it shows that Lamb of God can do more than just blow mind.  With this release and a previous unreleased song from the Wraith days forming the bases for their upcoming EP, also called The Duke, it is worth marking the 2nd December on your calendars.



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