Bands and People Selling Out?

So it turns out that former Black Flag frontman and punk/hardcore icon, Henry Rollins, is now one of the many faces of Calvin Klein. Oh no, has he sold out?

I am not talking about the selling out where bands changing their sound or genre to suck the long hard shaft of fame. No I’m talking about ideals, people contradicting their ideals. So did Henry Rollins sell out? Maybe.

I consider at my core, I am a hardcore kid. I believe in unity, moral ethics and consider the world of politics a shit pedalling wheel dumping all over those who leaders deem lesser beings. However if Calvin Klein wanted to pay me huge sums of money to parade my slightly chubby, pasty body on billboards, I think I would find it very difficult to say no. The people calling Rollins out would probably do the same, because guess what? A man’s got to make some dosh in this money craving world.

It’s hard for us to comment on the nature of selling out. As simple bystanders we have never truly had to face the reality of fame and contradict are own ideals. Henry Rollins may have gained the underground world of hardcore and punk some exposure from the ad as people frantically Google who he is. You never know, we could see a surge in the genre getting the limelight it sorely deserves.



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