EP Review: Tangled EP by Trash Talk

I found a nice little surprise last night, Trash Talk released this bundle of angst in the form of a new  EP. Tangled tried to sneak under my radar but I caught it! It’s been two years since the guys from California released No Peace and I’m in need of a hardcore hit to quench my addiction. It’s a problem, a real problem that I need to sort out but then again hardcore is love, hardcore is life.

If you aren’t too fussed with over the top guitar work, instead favouring the more raw and aggressive nature of DIY music then Tangled is for you. Mr Nobody chugs the EP off to a moshtastic start. A hammering guitar riff, punk like drumming and raw vocals are all Trash Talk need to hit the hardcore nail on its head. It isn’t just chug after chug after chug. Guitar licks feel in the gaps with some sweet arse fills and the occasional solo, with Disconnected utilising a short but effective shredding bridge. In an age of hardcore bands adding melodic or metal influences in to freshen up their sound which isn’t a problem but it is good to see a band sticking to their roots. Feen is a mere one minute long but packs a wallop of Black Flag proportions.  Countless breakdowns can be found throughout the five songs. Decent breakdowns as well not just palm muted one note offerings with Constrictor knowing  exactly how long to keep the mosh going before smashing listeners back into the main riff. Short concise songs work so well as Trash Talk don’t attempt to lengthen songs with extended choruses or unnecessary bridges. It’s like bam, that’s it. Enjoy that well here is the next song, bam all done.

Trash Talk you have subdued my hardcore thirst… for now.  Tangled is fast and unrelenting. It’s a short EP full of huge music earning it a 8/10. A well deserved score and best of all its free. That’s right it’s free so stop reading this review and go download it like right now!



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