Costumes to Metal Up Your Halloween

Are you sick of dressing up as Dracula, random mask killer or a nondescript zombie for Halloween?  Don’t want to join the hordes of Harley Quinns clad in hot pants? Then why not give these ideas a shot!

5) Eddie the Head – Arguably metals most famous mascot. Eddie the Head is Iron Maiden’s iconic seventh member and mascot. He features on nearly all their merchandise, album and single covers. It may take a lot of effort to mimic one of his many looks but one thing is for sure, if you master this costume you’ll be the bell of the Halloween ball.

4) Crimson Ghost – If Eddie the Head is metals most famous mascot, then this is punks. The instantly recognisable Misfits logo first featured on the bands third single, Horror Business and has been a staple ever since. This image has become synonymous with the Misfit in the punk and hardcore scene. Countless albums, merchandise and tattoos have all been graced with this classic logo. Grab a red clock and a skull mask then hey presto; Halloween is all the more heavy!

( P.S. Misfits will be featuring a lot on these Halloween posts, as these guys don’t just embody Halloween. They are Halloween!)

3) Australian KISS – You have seen French KISS, what about Australian KISS? What’s that you don’t get it? Well Australian kiss is like a French kiss… but down under. So but on a cork hate, some cargo shorts and don the classic KISS make up for a slightly raunchier version of a classic.

2) Papa Emeritus or Nameless Ghoul – All hail Satan and Ghost of course. Papa Emeritus is the polar opposite of the Pope with his corpse paint and satanic papal dress. Worried about being too hot in your gown and robes? Why not dress as his sleeker suited alternative. If makeup isn’t your strong point, then grab your mask and become one of the Nameless Ghouls. Either one of these options would make a grand statement this Halloween.

1) Dethklok – If your Halloween doesn’t feel brutal enough, why not dress as the most brutal of bands. Virtual band Dethklok feature in the fantastic Adult Swim animated series Metalocalypse and would make an epic fancy dress for a party of five. With each individual character being unique in appearance and personality dressing up as these guys would make Halloween the most metal event of the year!


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