Bands to Blast Out This Halloween!

Halloween is soon upon us! So let’s get ready to put those miscreant monsters down. Or better yet, let’s blast these bands on full and party until dawn with all the dead and damned of this world. Muahahaha, muahahaha… muahahaha!

5) Evil Blizzard – I’m going to bet money on not many people knowing this band. Preston spawned Evil Blizzard bringing the evil sounds of double doom with four bass players and a drummer. Incredibly creepy outfits, evil music and a heaviness that can only be achieved with an abundance of bassists, Halloween is truly a time for these guys to shine.

4) The Black Dahlia Murder – What a horrible night to play The Black Dahlia Murder. I love these guys. Their blend of Scandinavian and American death metal is a nice freash outlook in the world of metal. With most death metal bands focusing more on being brutal and it’s nice to have a band like The Black Dahlia Murder who love some melodies and black metal touches in their music. Scare friend and neighbour alike with Vlad, Son of the Dragon, Everything Went Black and Moonlight Equilibrium.  Give ‘em a blast this Halloween!

3) Gwar – All hail Gwar, short for Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh, Scumdogs of the Universe.  A band who portray ultimate dedication to showman ship with their ridiculous on stage outfits, antics and mythos. The thrash band has plenty of songs to headbang to this Halloween such as Let Us Slay, Abyss of Woe and Slaughterama.If you a fan of over the top sci-fi, hammering riffs and comical outlook you should check out Gwar.

2) The Damned – Arguably one of the first punk bands ever. The Damned formed way back in 1976. Join Captain Sensible and possible vampire David Vanian and the huge number of band formations on their journey through the golden age of punk. Songs like Nasty and Thanks For The Night are classic punk tunes no matter what time of year.  Their tongue and cheek attitude towards music makes them a fun band to have on your Halloween playlist

1) Misfits – The ultimate Halloween band! The godfathers of horror punk have been one of my favourites, from the Denzig era, Graves era and the current line up. Their lyrics are full of horror and sci-fi references with little nods to the genre at every given opportunity. Songs like Astro Zombies, Dig Up Her Bones and Friday The 13th deserve Halloween playtime. Not to mention the whole devil lock and corpse paint thing the band has going on. Not only does their music ooze Halloween but the band looks the part as well.


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