Top 5 Horror Movies for All You Metalheads

Like I said before, Halloween is upon us! I love horror films, so here my favourite movies to raise you horns to.

5) Evil Dead Series – I couldn’t pick which Evil Dead film to put on this list. The original is a classic, the sequel is fantastic, Army of Darkness is hilarious and the remake is gory as hell. So I thought, why not all? If you love cult horror then you have probably seen the entire series and if you haven’t then what are you doing, go watch it now! Bonus points for those who have seen the TV series Ash Vs The Evil Dead or the film My Name is Bruce. This Halloween pay homage to this brilliant piece of film history, hail to the king, baby!

4) The Crow – A Goths wet dream. When a rockstar is murdered and his girlfriend is beaten and raped, he will return from the dead, corpse paint and all, to murder those who have wronged him. Not in a trench coat massacre kind of way but a vengeful gothic Punisher sort of way. I know this film isn’t a horror movie but it is still a bloody good neo noir thriller. RIP Brandon Lee who died during the filming.

3) Freddy Vs Jason – Do you like Freddy? Do you like Jason? Well this is the film for you. Pitting these two slasher villains against each other makes this film for a most metal of affairs. Arguable not as good as the films featuring the titular characters on their own but it still makes for a good film. The final showdown between the two is a blood soaked action packed fight is worth the hour and a half wait. It’s a no holds barred battle of epic proportions.

2) Hatchet 3 – I love this horror franchise. I love the gore, the terrible acting and the Victor Crowley hold a special place in my heart. Although he isn’t up there with the likes of Freddy or Jason Voorhees, Victor still has plenty of creative ways to mutilate, maul and bludgeon his victims to death.

1) Deathgasm – The embodiment of metal in a film. Demon zombie things have been summoned to a small town in New Zealand thanks to the band Deathgasm playing “The Black Hymn”. Nothing special or complex its just demon slaughtering in fun and creative ways, such as sex toys and makeshift guitar axes. This Simple premise is all the film needs to keep any metal fan laughing with countless references to bands, genres and metal culture at large. A true metal masterpiece.


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