Single Review: Blood by Dropkick Murphys

The boys are back, the boys are back, the boys are back and they’re looking for trouble! Dropkick Murphys the kings of Celtic punk released their new single Blood off their upcoming album,11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory. I don’t mind telling you it’s bloody (so sorry) fantastic!

As a lover of both punk and traditional Irish music, hard to imagine I know, I am a huge fan of Dropkick Murphys. They are the perfect blend of punk attitude and Celtic story telling. Blood has a big anthem feel to it. The gang vocals on the chorus are so catchy you can just jump into singing along to it and feels so passionate it is two steps from starting a revolution.  The ‘If you want blood we’ll give you some / Straight from the heart till the job is done’ would have been lost if not for the gang vocals, oh it’s just glorious.  It makes the song fill like it would feel powerful in both a stadium of fans or down the local pub.

As for the music itself, Blood has this nice simple riff and chord progression that is a nice backing to the vocals. Nothing special but it doesn’t have to be. The straightforward beat comes straight from the heart to get you singing along like a good folk song. With the addition of the bag pipes in the chorus and bridge towards the end of the song you get this marching beat as if Dropkick Murphys are off to war. Given the lyrical themes and gang vocals it is the exact reason to get into not only this song but the genre in general. It has this feeling of kindred spirit with the band that a lot of other genres can’t even come close to gaining.

When you have had a week of blasting out some seriously heavy music, it is nice to sit back and sing along to some Dropkick Murphys. This latest entry is a fantastic song bringing everything I love from the band into one song. Blood  earns a 9/10 for its catchy feeling of unity in its easy to sing chorus and anthem like chord progression.  If they do indeed want Blood, I’d happily give em some!


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