My Top 5 Slam Metal Bands

It’s time to get guttural! Slam metal is probably the latest sub genre of metal to catch my attention. As a lover of gory stuff it took me longer to get into slam than I thought, but once I reached that point… oh boy. The sheer heaviness is enough to blow your brain straight out the top of your head. Slam gets its name from the breakdowns or ‘slams’ that feature heavily in the music. They’re like breakdowns just slower and down tempo as hell. Combine this with belly churning gutturals, blast beats so fast it could be mistaken for a Gatling gun and you have one brutal genre of metal. This isn’t to mention the graphic depictions of the nastiest things you can think of, but that’s part of its charm. It’s so over the top you know not to take it literally or too seriously, sort of like the splatter films of the 70s, 80s and 90s. It’s nasty but very tongue and cheek about it. If you think death metal is heavy wait till you check out some of these bands!

5)Abominable Putridity – When searching for some modern death metal to indulge myself in I soon noticed the term brutal popping up. These guys also popped up. Abominable Putridity is 100% destructive. Big slams and grooves played over insane blast beat drumming is a recipe for some brutal as fuck music. This isn’t to mention the vocals, so guttural I think lesser men have thrown up trying to imitated them. The boys from Russia have two albums for you to check out so don’t waste any time and get yourself some glorious slam.

4)Acranius – Undergoing a huge line up change over the course of their seven year career, Acranius have somehow been able to keep the same level of slamming brutality. Their debut album When Mutation Becomes Homicidal has a brilliant DIY sound to it. It doesn’t sound clean or clear cut but still contains that deep  punch that is required to get the slam going. On the other hand Dishonor is much more defined yet just as good. All I can say is I am looking forward to their third album, Reign Of Terror.

3)Chamber of Malice – A band that blurs the lines between slam metal and beatdown. The crime city slam band sacrifice the more death metal aspects for heavier emphasis on beatdown. The out of control blast beats and the gut deep vocals have been eclipsed by slow, down tempo breakdowns. Breakdowns that could cause mosh pits to erupt the moment that first palm muted note is chugged. Breakdowns that would give any lover of moshing a raging hard on. With numerous EPs and only a single album, Chamber of Malice proves that the number of albums under your belt has no correlation to making good music.

2)Vulvodynia – Thanks to their album Psychosadistic Design these guys quickly sky rocked up my list of shit hot slams. Vuvlvodynia meaning the unexplained pain in the vulva (how lovely) is one of the most inventive names I have come across. Vomit spewing is just one word to describe this band, only in slam metal would that be a complement. If you follow these guys on Facebook you’ll also get a glimpse of that tongue and cheek humour. The band often posts hilarious feeds making light of the bands own artwork, lyrics and music. They seem like stand up guys and when it comes to singing about drowning people in vomit there are very few who can surpass them. The South African slam crew have successfully released 3 albums every year for the past 3 years giving you guys a lot to catch up on.

1) Ingested – The gentlemen from Slamchester (Manchester) have to be my favourite slam band. Their latest album The Architect of Extinction is the offspring of a career spanning three albums and two EPs. It’s a an album that has defined their sound. Ingested thrust their take on the genre directly down the listeners throat. Big, heavy riffs. Ankle stomping blast beats and gnarly vocals, yeah I’m bringing gnarly back! Even though the vocals aren’t as stomach churning as other bands they are still powerful as hell adopting a more death metal take which works for the slightly more mature sound on their later albums. In my eyes Ingested are the best at what they do and what they do is produce earth shattering slam!

Other bands to look out for:

Claw Hammer, Devourment, Capital Punishment, Chordotomy, Honest Crooks, Psychotic Defilement, Slam Fiction, Architect of Dissonance, Gutteral Slug, Epicardiectomy, Devour The Unborn


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