Single Review: The House Always Wins by Stray From The Path

One of my favourite hardcore acts, Stray From The Path, unleashed another new and ,might I say, killer track.

The House Always Wins is a protest song if I have ever heard one. Stray From The Path have gone all out to send a big F you to the latest Presidential Election. Right from the offset you’ll be grooving along to the bands signature bounce. It’s like Rage Against The Machine plus some seriously punchy hardcore. Vocalist Drew York spits out lyrics with so much scorn. You can hear the passion and aggression in his almost rap like vocal style. It is vicious and full of spite. Backing up these outbursts is a bouncy riff of guitar and bass. Tom Williams and Anthony Altamura keep it simple but powerful by chugging out an addictive riff. Drummer Craig Reynolds builds up the tension with a plethora of fills and beats to keep the attitude in full force for the entire song.

Then there is the lyric driven breakdown. It is huge with a driving beat to guarantee a good old mosh for anyone who is in ear shot. Repeating ‘we wanna fucking riot’ really smashing the ball out of the park, no a park is too small. The stadium, there we go. Like any good breakdown it brings the song together with propose.

They even sampled the frankly quite racist rambling of Donald Trump. The use of gang vocals implements the feeling of unity against the disgruntling choice of candidates felt by many Americans during the election. It is a political statement as much as a song. The message is simple, no matter who you vote for, there is no winning. As the title clearly states The House Always Wins.

Stray From The Path have done it again. Smashing out their blend of alternate hardcore with a serious political message. The House Always Wins is exactly what we needed, a true 9/10 anthem for those angered by recent events.


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