EP Review: Unrelenting Force by Guilt Trip

Hardcore has had a pretty good year. Yes we are losing a few irreplaceable bands, but there has been heaps of fantastic material to sink ones teeth into. Guilt Trip have added to this heap with possibly their best EP to date.

Unrelenting Force is adeptly named. It is a force to be reckoned with. Like a ten tone punch to the face, it’s heavy, hard and impossible to ignore.  The titular track kicks everything off with one hell of an intro. ‘Unrelenting Force’ is spouted and the band smashes out a moshable riff, a riff that is asking  for a bloody good spin kicking session to accompany it. This song is no nonsense hardcore with some trash metal and crossover elements thrown into the mix. The moshing intro opens into some two step verses and squealing bridges for a real pit opener. Its full steam ahead from here.

Disdain unleashes some fierce dive bombing guitar whammies over pounding chugs. The neck wrenching song somehow manages to out shine such a strong opening. A breakdown heaven for anyone who, like me, enjoys losing their shit. If you do enjoy losing your shit then Separate ft. Easy Money is a treat that follows closely behind. It feels calmer with some powerhouse vocals driving the chorus, whilst maintaining the impact of the instruments in the previous two songs.

There is a nice solemn moment with Interlude. A melancholic acoustic song that holds the last two songs back behind wistful guitar melodies. It is a great little break from the onslaught. The final two songs end the EP like it started by forcing more and more hard hitting music down the listeners ears. Hats off to the song Guilt Trip that ends the EP. This is a song that refuses to succumb to the realms of mediocrity by showing that Unrelenting Force has had so much effort put into it.

Guilt Trip are a band that fans of hardcore should keep an eye on. The Manchester based four piece have the potential to go places and I for one welcome it. Unrelenting Force displays everything that I love about hardcore. A 9/10 for its hard breakdowns, aggressive vocals and interesting bridges and fills. What more could you want.

Check it out, its name your price so drop some cash into it if you can : https://guilttripmhc.bandcamp.com/album/unrelenting-force


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