A Farewell To Expire and A Hello to Counterparts: Live at Cathouse, Glasgow

“There’s Always Friday Night”

Oh No, A little late to Knocked Loose!

By the time I had got into the Cathouse the guys of Knocked Loose had already stirred up the pit. It was in full swing. Body parts were moving and most were throwing down to the Oldham County boys unique blend of hardcore.  Thankfully I caught the band in time to let lose a quick go in the pit for The Rain and Counting Worms as well as bloody good sing along to Deadringer. Knocked Loose were on form, hitting every note with the force and ferocity of a band that loves what it does. If you are ever worried about where the future of hardcore lies, then look no further than bands like Knocked Loose. This is where the future of hardcore is!

Landscapes: Technical Difficulties

Landscapes didn’t have the greatest of starts. A technical difficulty for guitarist Kai Sheldon plagued their opening song, but with full professionalism the rest of the band powered through to its conclusion. Heads were definitely moving more than bodies as the crowd bobbed along to the beat of Radience.  It looked like things weren’t going to play ball for Kai as he looked closer to calling it a day but after a short while things were back on track. A patient band, and crowd, continued with their set smashing out song after song with a full 100% blast of energy. The bobbing heads of the crowd returned as Landscapes gave it their all. A pocket of fans sang along to the music but the lack of movement in the crowd was filled in with the bands own head banging and fantastic on stage presences. They may not have stirred up as much fuss as Knocked Loose but Landscapes still brought the same passion with them. A band worth checking out for sure.

Farewell Expire!

For me this was the highlight of the gig. Pure intense hardcore all round. Kicking their set off with Bark, Expire had the crowd moshing to great effect. Two step galore. Swinging arms and spin kicks could be seen throughout the pit. The band had brought their A game. Vocalist Josh Kelting faced the zombie armed attempts to grab the mic by proudly plunging it deep into the front row. Everyone in range was belting out lyric after lyric for Pretty Low and Old Habits. I certainly know my voice is still feeling the burden of screaming at full blast. The band picked songs from their extensive back catalogue, and even included one of my favourites 3:56. It was a refreshing sight to see the wide selection of songs as the band could have easily played exclusively from their latest album With Regret that came out earlier this year.

The only down side was the use of a barrier at the front of the stage, restricting the amount of crowd surfers. This however didn’t stop one or two thrill seekers clambering over the mound of bodies to get  their chance to dive head first back into the crowd. It was a display of everything I love about hardcore gigs. Everyone venting the love for a band in what must have looked like a primitive ritual to all those who had never witnessed a small, close nit hardcore gig. After Expire had finished their set, the musky stench of sweat and spilt beer descended on the venue whilst headliners Counterparts set up. A well deserved break to grab a drink was in order for all those who made this farewell a memorable one. Expire aced it and Glasgow sent them off in style!

“We Are Fucking Counterparts”

Expire would be a tough act to follow but headliners Counterparts certainly came close. I last saw Counterparts a long time ago when they supported Architects at the Ritz in Manchester so it was nice to view them in a smaller more compact venue.

Giving a nice melodic break from all out moshing , Counterparts brought the chanting sing along of any decent melodic hardcore/metalcore band. The headliners opened with Compass and it all built up from there. Rhythmical jumping, hardcore dancing  and crowd surfing continued throughout the bands performance. It was fantastic to see the Dawn Of The Dead style horde decent on the mic for round two. Each member of the front row wanted their chance to belt out their favourite lyrics to crowd pleasing songs such as Choke  and The Disconnect. The band also brought a plethora of guest vocals to stepped up to the stage to provide a fantastic range of styles  for a show of unity in a genre built on the idea of togetherness.

Ending the show with Reflections was a good use of an encore to keep people from leaving the venue before giving it their all one final time. People sung, people jumped and people moshed. Although I felt the song a little calm to end the show on it was still meet with some curious members of the crowd failing their arms in the pit. All in all it was a great concert, filled with a line up of bands that felt more like a group of touring friends rather than separate acts.


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